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What Is Nebulous Systems?

Your one-stop solution for the risks and opportunities born with the IoT era

Nebulous Systems is your one-stop solution for protecting your business and operations from the risks that have appeared with the IoT era while making the most of the newly rise opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world.

Nebulous Systems has a constellation of solutions equally valid for all IoT and communication networks scenarios, whether it is in industry 4.0, educational and research labs or smart homes and smart cities.

Our NEBSYST system is a pioneer solution for secure and easy accessibility to hardware and software resources that enables teleworking, online learning in STEM with remote labs and can also be applied for Industry 4.0 and smart cities. Learn more about it and join our Federation of users here.

  • 2010
  • UNED and UHU groups meet for the first time Members from research groups in the two universities meet for the first time while attending at a workshop organized by CEA.
  • 2011
  • First integration of tools The first integration between the communication tools by UHU and the web app deployment tools by UNED is done.
  • 2013
  • System starts being tested in production The whole system begins to be tested in production at the two universities. This activity carries on up till now. Hundreds of students and tens of teachers use it during this time.
  • 2020
  • Nebulous Systems is founded The patent for NEBSYST, Nebulous Systems' pioneer solution for secure and easy accessibility to hardware and software resources, is approved and the company, founded.

Key Data

You need to Prepare for the future

In the next few years, the implementation of the Internet of Things will have a huge impact in economic, competitive, security and infrastructure terms:

$1.2 trillion
Privacy and security
79.4 zettabytes generated data
55 billion connected devices
  • Enhance your results
  • Outstanding user and worker experience
  • Save money


of application
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart homes & cities
  • Research and educational labs

What our Clients say

  • I have been working with this company for this year. We have received the products and training, timely. I am very pleased with their product, their assistance and their documentation. Nebulous Systems has the right technology for our challenges in web-controlled laboratories. Fabio Gómez, DIRECTOR of School of Industrial Engineering from the University Loyola Andalucia
  • More coming soon!

Discover our Turnkey Solutions

Nebulous Systems operates under a basic premise: make our clients' life easy. All our solutions are end-to-end and can be easily implemented into a current business process. Not only that, we take care of the whole implementation process, making it transparent to you. Moreover, we attend at our clients' specific needs and advise them on which of our solutions and systems are better form them. We aim to offer our clients only the best of the best.

If you would like to be informed about what we and our systems can do for you, please contact us.

Our Services

What Nebulous Systems can do for you:

  • Full advice from the beginning to the end.
  • Deployment of new and existing systems to be accessible from the Internet.
  • Security access configuration based on user roles, access control and management, etc..
  • Data privacy thanks to encrypted communications and the sole use of the client's infrastructure.
  • Connection to a wide variety of end-point systems.
  • Modern and fresh-looking HTML5 applications to control and monitor anything.
  • Post-sales support for maintenance, additional configurations, etc.

Our Products & Pricing

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myIntegrations is Nebulous System's customized web platform to integrate all the HTML5 applications for controlling and monitoring your systems:

  • Connection/integration with your institutional's platform.
  • Modern and fresh-looking web platform with user access management.
  • Organize turns for using your remote systems, either with a booking system or with queues.
  • Receive alerts when your systems are down or when users book a slot to use them.

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NEBSYST myFrontier is our core system, focused on institutional LANs:

  • Get access to ANY number of systems within your institutional LAN from anywhere.
  • Computers, lab equipment, PLCs, cameras, powering systems, routers... Nothing will be out of your reach!
  • Web browser interfaces, access and applications for everything.
  • Set user roles and permissions. You are in control!
  • Power on and off lights and/or equipment automatically and only when needed.

Installation Annual License
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The NEBSYST myVirtualFrontier system is our solution for scenarios of distributed IoT devices:

  • Get access to ANY number of systems placed in ANY network external to your institution.
  • Smart devices in homes.
  • Distributed IoT devices in cities, fields, etc.
  • Monitoring systems in electrical substations, radiotowers, sewage systems, communication or building infrastructures, etc.

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NEBSYST myFrontier+ is our most complete package of solutions:

  • All the features provided by myFrontier.
  • All the features provided by myVirtualFrontier.
  • One single-point entrance for accessing and configuring all your systems, regardless where they are.

Equipment Annual License
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myGateway+ devices complement the myVirtualFrontier and myFrontier+ solutions with IoT boards that enable connectivity of anything, anywhere:

  • Plug-and-play.
  • Work with your own myFrontier, myVirtualFrontier or with Nebulous Systems' ones.
  • Uses your institutional's communication infrastructure to guarantee data privacy and security.

Upcoming Events

  • Event
  • Nebulous Systems enters La Lonja accelerator program

    April 2022
    Huelva (Spain)
    Nebulous Systems participates in La Lonja, an eight-month startup acceleration program promoted by the Port of Huelva.
    Nebulous Systems' Moodle site
  • Nebulous Systems to participate on research project with first-class players

    July 2021
    Huelva (Spain)
    Nebulous Systems participates in a three year long research and development project obtained by the University of Huelva and that involves key industry players such as ENDESA, CEPSA and MAGTEL.
    Nebulous Systems' Moodle site
  • Webinar on NEBSYST

    13/04/2020 12 PM (GMT + 2)
    Online - Watch it here
    An online webinar to showcase out products and solutions belonging to the NEBSYST system for developing, managing, deploying and exploiting remote labs.
    Nebulous Systems' Moodle site
  • First client integration

    Av. de las Universidades 41704 Dos Hermanas, Sevilla (Spain)
    First commercial myGateway+ IoT device delivered and integrated for a client (the University of Loyola Andalucía).
    University of Loyola Andalucia
  • GESA - SIMO Education Madrid

    Hall 6, IFEMA 28042 Madrid (Spain)
    Nebulous Systems participated in the Global Edtech Startups Awards (GESA) semifinals held during the SIMO Education in Madrid.
  • Presentation in Brussels

    Rue de la Loi 75, Thon Hotel EU 1040 Bruxelles (Belgium)
    The NEBSYST system and its use experience in UNED was presented in the high-level expert workshop on "Future-Proofing Vocational Education for Manufacturing: Strategy, Collaboration Patterns and Learning Environment".
    Thon Hotel

Meet our Team

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María Reyes Sánchez Herrera


Luis de la Torre
Luis de la Torre Cubillo


Marco A. Márquez Sánchez
Marco A. Márquez Sánchez


Jesus Chacon
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Jesús Sánchez
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Daniel Galán
Daniel Galán Vicente


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